our coffee

At Rise + Thyme, coffee is life.

We only brew single-origin beans from Lemma Coffee Roasters, a local roaster in Carrollton. Our lattes are made with house-made syrups featuring classic and seasonal flavors.

As part of our mission to support sustainable coffee, we do not offer almond milk due to the high water consumption and waste involved in almond production. We also do not offer soy milk as soybean production contributes to deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and uses pesticides that are harmful to the bee population. You can find oat milk and hemp milk as vegan milk alternatives at our shop. 

Year-Round Syrups

Lemon Pound Cake

Winter Drinks

Winter Mint Hot Chocolate
Maple Pecan Pie Latte

Vegan Specials

Blueberry Muffin Fog
Apple Cider Steamer